Mamelodi Campus

UP's flagship: BSc Extended Curriculum Programmes (ECPs) BCom Extended Curriculum Programmes (ECPs)

The Mamelodi Campus hosts the first year of the University of Pretoria’s flagship BSc and BCom Extended Curriculum Programmes (ECPs).

Students admitted to the ECPs on the Mamelodi Campus attend lectures on the Mamelodi Campus for the first year of their studies. Upon successfully meeting the admission requirements of their preferred study programme, students transition to their choice Faculty at either the Hatfield Campus or any of the other campuses of the University of Pretoria, such as the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, or the Faculty of Education to continue and complete their selected programme of study.

University of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus

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Mamelodi Campus - Career Fair 2021

Below you will find a virtual tour of the Mamelodi campus  and useful information that will assist you in making a study choice for BSc or BCom career paths

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